Some more Zelotypia pics…

Zelotypia stacyi, 2015 specimen

Its been a while since I posted anything, so here is a quick update with some fresh pics of some Zelotypia from the collection. I would like to say I caught these, but they are from another collector in Sydney. The bad setting of the female shown above is not mine, either…

One of the quirks with Hepialids is that they fade, regardless of whether or not you keep them in darkness. This is also true of Zelotypia. Most people who know Zelotypia are familiar with old, faded museum specimens. In fact, virtually all photos on the web or in books are of older specimens collected nearly 100 years ago. The fact is, fresh ones look totally different, especially the males. Compare my 100 year old male (specimen at top; thanks again, Allen!) with a 2015 collected specimen:

Comparison of 2015 and 1920 Zelotypia stacyi

The pale markings on the forewing are actually slightly iridescent, and the outback orange of old specimens is actually a red in fresh ones!

I will be in the ANIC for the upcoming moth workshop and hope to photograph a male they have that was collected in 2014. It is different again to my specimen. I am also hoping to go on a Hep photography binge while I am at it, so keep on eye on my Flickr page in coming weeks. There are already a good number of pics both from ANIC and my collection on Flickr (duplicated on John Grehan’s site as well) to keep any Hepialid aficionado happy.

Until then, Happy Hepping!


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